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Série Nordique – Energy Star



Loaded with the following features:

Energy Star Certified

LED Display on Front Panel

LED Dimmer

7 Indoor Fan Speed

LCD Wireless Remote Controller

“I feel” in remote controller

Back lighting remote controller

-20°C (-4°F) Heating

-15°C (5°F) Cooling

8°C (46°F) Heating to avoid freezing water pipes

°C & °F convertible

2 Ways Draining Connection (Left or Right)

Compressor Intelligent Pre-heating

Smart Function

Super Function

Auto Restart

Auto Defrost

Auto Cleaning

Quiet Mode

24 Hours Timer

Removable and washable Panel

Louver Postion Memory

Washable High Definition Filter

Horizontal Auto Swing Louver

Chassis Electric heater function

Vertical Auto Swing Louver